Locality-Constrained Discriminative Matrix Regression for Robust Face Identification,

Authors: Chao Zhang,Huaxiong Li,Yuhua Qian,Chunlin Chen,Xianzhong Zhou


Regression-based methods have been widely applied in face identification, which attempts to approximately represent a query sample as a linear combination of all training samples. Recently, a matrix regression model based on nuclear norm has been proposed and shown strong robustness to structural noises. However, it may ignore two important issues: the label information and local relationship of data. In this article, a novel robust representation method called locality-constrained discriminative matrix regression (LDMR) is proposed, which takes label information and locality structure into account. Instead of focusing on the representation coefficients, LDMR directly imposes constraints on representation components by fully considering the label information, which has a closer connection to identification process. The locality structure characterized by subspace distances is used to learn class weights, and the correct class is forced to make more contribution to representation. Furthermore, the class weights are also incorporated into a competitive constraint on the representation components, which reduces the pairwise correlations between different classes and enhances the competitive relationships among all classes. An iterative optimization algorithm is presented to solve LDMR. Experiments on several benchmark data sets demonstrate that LDMR outperforms some state-of-the-art regression-based methods.

Keywords: Class competitions, locality constraints, matrix regression, robust face identification (FI).


Thu Mar 03 08:25:00 CST 2022