Evolutionary Deep Fusion Method and Its Application in Chemical Structure Recognition

Authors: Xinyan Liang, Qian Guo, Yuhua Qian, Weiping Ding, Qingfu Zhang


Abstract—Feature extraction is a critical issue in many machine learning systems. A number of basic fusion operators have been proposed and studied. This paper proposes an evolutionary algorithm, called evolutionary deep fusion method, for searching an optimal combination scheme of different basic fusion operators to fuse multi-view features. We apply our proposed method to chemical structure recognition. Our proposed method can directly take images as inputs, and users do not need to transform images to other formats. The experimental results demonstrate that our proposed method can achieve a better performance than those designed by human experts on this real-life problem.

Keywords: Multi-view fusion, deep learning, evolutionary algorithms, molecular structure recognition


Tue May 11 18:47:00 CST 2021